Hydraulic Reversible Plow 1LFT-340

Product Description

Introduction to Reversible Plow:

Reversible Plow is to bury the top layer of soil without structure, together with ground weeds, stubble, insect eggs, grass and fertilizers, etc. to the bottom of the ditch, turn the good soil of the lower layer to the upper layer and loosen the soil, to eliminate weeds and pests, The purpose of improving soil structure and soil fertility is to create good conditions for crop growth. Use time after autumn harvest or before spring sowing.

Features of Reversible Plow:

(1). Two-way hydraulic Reversible is adopted, and the operation efficiency is high.

(2). The working width is adjustable, which can adapt to different soil structures and agronomic requirements.

(3). An overload protection device composed of springs and shear bolts is installed to effectively protect the working parts from being damaged under harsh working conditions, with good passability and wide adaptability.

(4). The surface of the reversible plow body adopts the high-speed surface of the plow body. It is 12 kilometers.

(5). The earth-inserting working parts are made of special materials, and adopt advanced heat treatment technology and rot-dissolving technology, which can effectively improve the wear-resistance and working reliability of the earth-inserting working parts.

Technical parameters of Reversible Plow

TypeSpecification of plough beam (L×W× H) (cm)Plough quantityWorking width(cm)Machine weight (kg)Supporting power (kW/ HP)Plough beam height (cm)Plough spacing (cm)Type of automatic overload protectionProduct execution standard

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