2F-30 Manure Spreader

Product Description

2F-30 Manure Spreader Description:

The 2F-30 manure spreader operation efficiency is high, horizontal uniform, in the huge flow range evenly spread fertilizer, fertilizer amount adjustment range is large, uniformity is not affected by the flow change. The impact of the fertilizer discharge device can instantly complete the working width of the adjustment, through the dial, simply adjust the flow, capacity expansion device, and not. The regular Angle of the fertilizer box makes the fertilizer flow to the bottom of the box better, the residue is small and easy to clean.

2F-30 Manure Spreader Technical parameters

The fuselage size240cm*130cm*101cm
The distance between the center of mass and the lower junction65.5cm
Homework width30m-42m
Power output shaft speed450r/min-650r/min
Hopper capacity1200L
Mass flow rate500kg/min
hydraulic200bar 20Mpa
Sound pressure level75dB
The fuselage net weight320kg
Maximum load3000kg
Supporting power≥73.5kw(100ps)
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