2BMQ Non-Tillage Seeder

Product Description

2BMQ Non-Tillage Seeder Description:

2BMQ Non-Tillage Seeder is a corn and soybean planter designed by our company for the wheat stubble field in the plain area.

1. The stalks of the seed bed can be removed, and the removal width is more than 20cm, which can effectively prevent pests and diseases (two-pointed Spodoptera exigua-this pest and insect pest only survives under the straw), which is conducive to the early maintenance of corn seedlings;

2. This Non-Tillage Seeder makes part of the wheat straw return to the field, not only can increase soil organic matter, improve soil structure, improve fertility, but also can protect moisture;

3. This machine can fertilize deeply without cultivating, and can also choose to add spraying function, electronic monitoring function of seeding situation, use multiple functions at one time, improve productivity, and quickly solve the "three summers" during busy farming period. Conflicts over labor.

4. Environmental pollution caused by burning straw can be avoided.

5. This series of equipment is divided into 4 rows and 6 rows according to user needs. The line spacing is 600. If there are special needs to be customized, the equipment can be matched with 75-90 kW (100-120 horsepower) tractors for full suspension operation.

2BMQ Non-Tillage Seeder Technical parameters

Typesizecmstructure typeSupporting powerKwWorking widthcmWorking speedKm/hPure work hour productivity
Clear widthcmclearance rate%Throw and straight knife combinationCutter shaft speedn/minTurning radius of cutter shaftmmTransport clearancemmMachine
Three-point suspension75-802404-7>0.610-2085721500-2200242>3001120
Three-point suspension90-1003604-7>0.6710-2085841500-2200242>3001120
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