2BFQ-12 Pneumatic Air-Suction Precision Seeder

Product Description

Pneumatic Air-Suction Precision Seeder Description:

2BFQ-6 \ 2BFQ-8 \ 2BFQ-12 Pneumatic Air-Suction Precision Seeder is a seeder specially developed by our company for large farms. This pneumatic air-suction precision seeder can precisely seed corn, beans, rape and other crops. The precision seeder adopts the design of enlarged seed fertilizer box, which can reduce the number of times of adding seed fertilizer and improve work efficiency. The seeder uses a high-tech electronic monitoring system to prevent the lack of seedlings and improve the quality of seeding. The machine is equipped with a longitudinal traction device, which can easily transfer plots. The longitudinal transport wheel adopts spring to assist the lifting and landing, and the operation is flexible. The device's seed opener is equipped with a depth-limiting device, which greatly improves the consistency and stability of the broadcast depth. The single unit of this machine adopts a four-link structure, which reduces the requirements for leveling and leveling. The machine adopts screw adjustment for depth limitation and cracking, which is convenient and flexible. The machine is equipped with 14 kinds of speed ratio gearbox, which can adjust the plant spacing conveniently. The track marker adopts automatic reversing hydraulic valve type hydraulic structure, which is easy to operate. The precision seeder can be completed at one time, and multiple operations such as trenching, fertilization, seeding, soil covering, and cracking have been improved to improve work efficiency.

Technical parameters

1Spacing (cm)50-60
2Planting rows12
3Seed box volume (L)38×12
4Fertilizer tank volume (L)170×4
5Fan input speed (r/min)540
6Weight (kG)2300
7Dimensions (cm)800×300×253(470)
10Speed of work (km/h)2.16-3.84
12Seeding device formVertical disc suction
13Fan impeller diameter (cm)400
14Pure work hour productivity (hm2/h)2.16-3.84
15Plant distance range (cm)3-44
16Ditch opener formDouble garden disc
18Matched power (kW/hp)95.5-161.8 /130-180
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