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Zhongyou electromechanical equipment manufacturing industrial park Emerson network energy and modern agricultural equipment project

May. 20, 2020

Shijiazhuang agricultural machinery co., LTD., a wholly-owned subsidiary of hebei zhongyou mechanical and electrical equipment co., LTD., was established in May 1952. After nearly 60 years of construction and development, shijiazhuang agricultural machinery co., ltd. has a complete market network at home and abroad, and has sold and exported 1.5 million sets of agricultural machinery and tools in China. Now, it has become a professional manufacturer of agricultural machinery and tools with a relatively large scale in China. The company adheres to the road of independent innovation in product research and development, and has obtained a number of national patents.

Its "bugu" brand of agricultural machinery and tools products in the market has a good reputation, best-selling in north China, northeast, northwest and other 26 provinces, cities, autonomous regions. The company has the independent import and export operation right, is our country agricultural machinery and tools product export base enterprise, in recent years the large-scale planter batch sells to Africa, North America and southeast Asia, west Asia and so on the country and the region.

The construction scale of this project is to produce a total of 30,000 sets of modern agricultural machinery and tools (farming, finishing, sowing and harvesting machinery) per year, with 112 sets of newly added equipment, including 97 sets of process equipment and 37,608 m2 of newly added building area.

The total investment of the project is 22.863 million yuan, including 178.63 million yuan of fixed asset investment (i.e. construction investment) and 50 million yuan of working capital. The enterprise will raise 210.73 million yuan of its own funds and plan to apply for 17.9 million yuan of state special fund support.

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