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Use and Maintenance of Agricultural Seeder

Nov. 25, 2020

use and maintenance of agricultural seeder is important. Agricultural Seeder Supplier will show this article with you.

1. Sowing Requirements

When sowing the seeds, the Agricultural Seeder should follow the characteristics of the seeds. For example, the row spacing of sowing should be controlled at about 20 cm, not too wide nor too narrow. The sowing depth should be controlled at 1.5-3.0 cm, but special circumstances should also be taken into account, different soil sowing depth is also different, the soil is droughty, sowing depth should be slightly deeper, so as to prevent the seeds from sowing shallow, the soil is too dry and can not grow. Therefore, farmers in the sowing, must fully consider the seed, soil and other conditions to ensure the healthy growth of the seed.

2. Precautions for seeder failure

Due to improper operation and other reasons, seeder often do not sow all the seeds, which requires farmers to pay attention to some small details to prevent these problems. The main reason why the planter does not sow is because the ground wheel is not touching the ground. Also the seeding wheel gets entangled in weeds, which can also cause the seeding wheel not to rotate, thus making the planter's seed not to be sown. Therefore, farmers must pay attention to these problems when using the seeder, if the seeding wheel is entangled with weeds, the weeds should be removed before sowing, if the chain falls off, you should immediately stop the engine, repair the chain, and then work again.

3. Avoid inconsistent broadcast depth in each line

When sowing seeds, the planter should try to avoid inconsistent sowing depths. If this problem occurs, the depth of the seeds sown will be inconsistent, too shallow will make the seeds dry and may die due to lack of water; too deep will make it difficult for the seeds to come out of the soil, and thus difficult to grow. The reason for inconsistent seed sowing depth is the uneven hardness of the soil, or the farmer does not adjust the planter according to the soil condition before operation.

4.Precautions for maintenance

Issues to be considered when disassembling parts

If they are in disrepair, the parts of the farm machinery will have problems, so the farmer should replace the damaged parts in time. When replacing parts, farmers or maintenance personnel often overlook many details because removing parts is a simple matter, which causes a lot of unnecessary trouble and affects the service life of agricultural machinery. When removing parts, should use matching removal tools, farmers can not use other removal tools to remove the parts that do not match, which will cause damage to the parts, thereby damaging agricultural machinery.

Problems to be noted when using new parts

When parts of agricultural machinery break down, they need to be replaced. However, when replacing parts, there are many repairers who do not inspect them, which is incorrect because the new parts may change in performance due to long inventory times, or they may be improperly stored in transit, which requires the farmer or repairer to inspect them to prevent the installation of damaged parts.

5.Precautions during maintenance

Thoroughly clean the farm machinery after use.

It is important to clean the machine thoroughly after use, including any debris in the seed box and seed dispenser. The seeder should be dried in the sun after cleaning, and the corresponding parts should be lubricated.

Problems that need to be paid attention to agricultural machinery storage

Due to the seasonal nature of the use of agricultural machinery, most of the year is left idle at home. Therefore, the maintenance of agricultural machinery should be careful, it needs to be placed in a dry and ventilated place, and to ensure that it is not exposed to the sun and rain, etc. Some parts that need to be removed should be removed and kept in good condition, the entire body needs to be padded with wooden blocks to prevent falling to the ground.

6.Pre-Sowing Preparation

Before sowing should carefully check the condition of the plot, so as to ensure the quality of work and mechanical safety.

Prepare sufficient seeds, fertilizers and fragile mechanical parts to avoid delaying planting and wasting farming time.

The seeds must be dry and clean, no straw and stones and other debris, so as not to block the seed outlet and affect the quality of sowing. When precision sowing, the seeds must be carefully selected and the fertilizer must be clean, otherwise it will affect the quality of sowing and fertilization.

Place seeds and fertilizer in the proper place at the beginning of the ground to avoid delay in adding seeds and fertilizer.


7.Note on sowing

Seeding machinery in operation to try to avoid stopping. Must stop, the seeder should be raised, back a distance, and then sowing. When lowering the seeder, to make the tractor in slow motion. The seeder should not be backed up when the opener is in the ground to prevent clogging or damage to the opener.

When the ground is turned, raise the planter, cut off the power of the seeder and the fertilizer drainer, and raise the row cutter and the trencher.

The manipulator should be in operation at any time during the operation to observe the operation of the seeder, in particular, pay attention to whether the row seeder row seed; row fertilizer is row fertilizer; seed transfer, fertilizer tube with or without blockage; seed box, fat box whether there is enough seed, fertilizer and other conditions.

After sowing a crop, the seed box should be cleaned carefully to avoid the seeds mixed seed row failure, resulting in seed waste and cause difficulties and trouble for future field management. After sowing, it is necessary to clean the fertilizer discharge box in time to prevent corrosion and rusting of the machine.

sowing seeds with pesticides, sowing personnel to wear gloves, masks, goggles and other protective tools. Remaining seeds should be properly disposed of in a timely manner so as not to pollute the environment and cause harm to humans and animals.

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