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13 Tips For Seeder Maintenance(2)

Feb. 23, 2021

13 Tips For Seeder Maintenance(2)

3. Seed opener disks
Seed opener disks require to have a minimal size (check driver handbook) or they will not put the seed at the ideal deepness. Seed opener disks also require ahead together in the front (they must usually touch for 3 inches, but this might differ depending upon seeder). Stick two calling card between the openers and move them as close together as possible to check this. If opener disks are put on excessive you will certainly obtain a "W" formed seed slot as opposed to the wanted "V" port.

4. Seed tubes
The end of seed tubes might put on to the extent that they curl inwards, catching seeds. There is frequently a hook midway up that can conveniently break off. Seed tube guards need to have their minimal width and also be secured appropriately or damage to the seed tube is most likely.
5. Seed firmers
These aid to push the seed down in the wrinkle, guaranteeing more accurate deepness placement of the seeds. The tension can be changed with a screw. If the seed firmers are used excessive they require to be replaced.

6. Deepness wheels
Depth wheels need to run limited versus disks. Change washing machines completely (or vice versa) of deepness wheel if needed. If this doesn't resolve the trouble, the depth wheel arm requires to be replaced.
7. Coulters
Examine the size of the coulters, as well as replace them if required. You should readjust the deepness of worn coulters that are still usable.
8. Row cleansers
Check for wear. Get used to make up for wear or change if put on excessive.
9. Closing wheels
Closing wheels require to have an intact spring, as well as require to be looked for damage or wear. Bearings can not be unsteady or too limited. The bottoms of rubber or actors iron closing wheels need to be 1.5-2 inches apart. The closing wheel arm can not have excessive play. If so, bushings or the entire arm might require changed.
10. Placement of coulters, opener disks and shutting wheels
Take a rope and pull it straight from the front coulter to the closing wheels. The firming wheels, seed openers, as well as coulters must all be in line. Closing wheels ought to not run on top of the seed wrinkle.
11. Pesticide boxes
The pesticide boxes need to have no holes or fractures. Tubes should be blown out with air along with the port on base of meter.
12. Fertilizer system
Fertilizer opener disks need to have a minimal diameter (check guidebook). The bearings ought to not be unsteady or as well limited. Hang a container below the tube of the system, as well as do a trial run of 175 feet in the field. Weigh the fertilizer in the bucket, multiply by 100, as well as you have the plant food you'll put on in extra pounds per acre (at 30-inch row spacing). Adjust as needed.
13. Chains and gears
Examine all chains and their sprockets. If they are used excessive they require to be changed. They require to have the proper tension and should be greased on a regular basis.

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