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Precautions For Maintenance Of Agricultural Seeder

Dec. 19, 2020

Precautions For Maintenance Of Agricultural Seeder

The annual spring planting is a period when agricultural seeders are showing their talents. If farmers pay attention to the maintenance and correct use of agricultural machinery and tools, they can appropriately extend the life of wearing parts and avoid damage to durable parts. Let’s talk about the matters needing attention in the maintenance of agricultural planters:

Clean dirt

Thoroughly sweep the dust on the planter, clean the seeds in the seed box and the fertilizer in the fertilizer box.

 Agricultural Seeder

Check the parts

Check the planter for damaged and worn parts, replace or repair if necessary, and repaint the place where paint is peeled off.

Maintenance of new seeder

After the new seeder is used, if a disc opener is selected, the opener should be removed, and the outer cone, disc hub and linoleum should be washed with diesel or gasoline, and then installed with butter. If there is any deformation, it should be leveled. If the disc focusing gap is too large, it can be adjusted by reducing the adjustment spacer between the inner and outer cones.


After cleaning the soil working parts (such as ditch openers, border builders, etc.), apply butter or waste engine oil to avoid rust.

Check parts

The rubber or plastic seed conveying pipes and fertilizer pipes on the seeder should be removed, wiped clean, tied up, and stored in a box or on a shelf. Sand or hay can be filled into the tube to avoid extrusion, folding and deformation.

The compression spring on the opener should be relaxed and kept in a free state.


The agricultural seeder should be stored in a dry, ventilated warehouse or shed, and avoid open storage. When storing, the rack should be supported firmly, and the opener and cover should be padded with plates, and do not directly touch the ground. If stored in the open, the wooden seed box must be covered, and the two wheels of the planter should be padded. The frame should also be padded to prevent deformation. The spare parts, parts and tools should be delivered to the warehouse for storage.

In addition, agricultural seeder manufacturer reminds you to pay attention to the following:

(1)Familiar with all functions of the seeder.

(2)The machine can only be operated from the driver's position.

(3)Monitor the working condition of the planter at all times when the tractor is running.

(4)Children are not allowed to operate the machine. Keep all bystanders away from the machine during work.

(5)Do not stand at the junction of tractor and planter.

(6)Prevent hands, feet and clothes from touching rotating parts.

(7)Wear tight clothes to avoid being entangled by moving parts.

(8)When lifting or transporting the planter, be careful of wires, trees, etc., and the transportation speed should not exceed 32 kilometers per hour. When driving on the highway, you should use flashing warning lights and turn on the signal lights. Pay attention to the transportation size, especially when the planter is wider than the tractor. Time.

(9)For traction planters, the turning radius should not be too small, otherwise the planter may squeeze the wheels, which may cause personal injury or equipment damage.

(10)Before maintenance, lower or firmly support the planter, park the tractor, turn off the engine, ensure that all moving parts stop working, and reduce all system pressure. Use correct tools and equipment for repair and replacement.

(11)The high pressure oil leaked has a higher pressure and may cause damage to the skin. The oil leaking from the small holes can hardly be seen. When checking, use paper or cardboard to put it on the suspected leaks. Don't touch it directly with the body. Wear gloves to check all the suspected leaks.

(12) When handling chemicals, you should first read the chemical manufacturer's instructions, wear protective equipment, carefully handle all chemicals, and store and place unused chemicals in accordance with the instructions.

(13) The planter should be stable and safe when parked.

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