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Features of tilting plough

Jun. 03, 2020

The tiller is used with the tractor, and the tiller and the tiller are controlled by the dual distributor. The tilting plough includes suspension frame, tilting cylinder, check mechanism, ground wheel mechanism, plough frame and plough body. By means of the expansion and expansion of piston rod in the oil cylinder, the positive and negative plough body on the plough frame can be driven to make vertical tilting movement, which can be alternately changed to the working position. The ground wheel is a dual-use mechanism for adjusting the ploughing depth with the lead screw. Suspension frame are connected to the host work, plough frame at the plough body by a column of plough and plough the rack installation have to wheel mechanism, its characteristics is said to flip in the oil cylinder and cylinder in the plough hinged frame of oil cylinder, telescopic motion of the piston rod, cylinder body with a do plough frame fixed with central axis, outside the central axis at the center of the shaft sleeve backend and piston rod hinged, the front end through and fixed on the hanging beams, the piston rod through the connected to the cylinder block, plough frame drive the central shaft do rotary motion in the center shaft sleeve.

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