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Analysis on the Importance of Green Agricultural Planting Technology Extension

Oct. 28, 2020

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Regarding the combination of green agricultural planting technology with the current low-carbon, energy-saving and ecological protection policies implemented by the state, this concept not only conforms to the current development situation, but also plays a great role in promoting sustainable agricultural development.

1. The meaning of green agricultural planting technology

Green agricultural planting technology refers to technical reforms in agriculture to plant agricultural products. In the process of agricultural development, through the full use of green agricultural planting technology, the planting technology is applied to cash crops or food crops. The planting process must follow the concept of "green and pollution-free", strictly limit the use of pesticides, reduce environmental pollution and damage, water waste, protect the ecological environment, and strengthen environmental construction. This kind of planting technology has the advantages of high efficiency, environmental protection, low consumption and health.

2. The importance of green agricultural planting technology

① Conducive to food safety

Green food is a product of deep processing of green agricultural products. Only processing using green agricultural products can be called green and safe food. At present, people pay more attention to food safety, and how to improve food safety has become a more difficult problem. The planting technology of green agriculture is based on the characteristics of the crops, without the use of chemical drugs and chemical fertilizers, to maintain the healthy growth of crops, so as to ensure that the crops and processed food do not pose any threat to the human body.Agricultural Seeder supplier

②Improve resource utilization efficiency

At present, the problems encountered in the process of global economic development have gradually emerged, especially in terms of environmental damage and pollution. In this malignant development, we should pay attention to environmental protection, and vigorously promote green planting technology to improve energy efficiency. At the same time, in the process of promoting green agricultural planting technology, cultivate outstanding rural talents and make contributions to the development of agriculture.

③Promote regional economic development

The input cost of green agricultural products is very high, but it is far from enough in terms of current development. Therefore, there are few agricultural and sideline products with green food labels on the market. And green food will have huge room for development in the near future, and will accelerate the rapid development of agricultural economy. For the future of green agricultural technology, we must continue to increase promotion in all aspects to drive more economies Circulation of benefits.

④Promote the rational use of resources

Although our country has very rich land resources, the basic education population is relatively large. There are already many resource reserves that are becoming scarce. Moreover, in the process of my country's economic development, there has also been a lot of pollution of non-renewable resources such as water, land and air. Therefore, in order to reduce environmental pollution, we should promote green agricultural technology to strengthen the concept of environmental protection and improve resource utilization.

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