TruMatic 7000

Productive high-end machine

The TruMatic 7000 brings together the advantages of punch and laser processing in a particularly cost-efficient way. The high-end punch laser machine meets high demands in regards to part quality, productivity, and flexibility. With the active die, you can produce scratch-free parts and profit from the greatest level of flexibility when forming.

A new quality dimension

The active die provides you with scratch-free processing and new forming options due to the active forming stroke from below.

The best edge quality

The CO2 laser guarantees high-precision cutting results through outstanding beam quality.

Additional laser axes

The additional axes provide a clear productivity gain – right up to extremely high levels of productivity.

Automatic cutting nozzle changeover

The automatic nozzle changer removes the old nozzle for new orders, and inserts a new one, saving time in automated operation.

Safe removal

You can remove parts in a process reliable way via sensor-protected flaps.

Productive automation

With the SheetMaster, you can load, unload, and sort parts in a process reliable and automated way.

TruMatic 7000

Complete part processing – post-processing is generally not required

The electro-hydraulic punching head completely processes parts and generally makes downstream working steps, such as deburring, unnecessary.

Safe removal

Gentle, fast, and therefore productive, removal is guaranteed by the sensor monitoring of the flaps

TruMatic 7000
TruMatic 7000

Flexible forming

With the active forming die from below, you can achieve sizes and heights that were previously unattainable. The 360° rotation of the punching head also provides you with flexible processing options.

Using the laser, you can cut high-quality outer contours and delicate inner contours.

For this component, the following tools were used: cup tool, extrusion tool, tapping tool, embossing tool – symbol (underside of the sheet), bridge tool, MultiBend size 5, and positioning tool size 5.

TruMatic 7000

Wide range of contour flexibility

Process sheets up to 0.3 inches thick with a wide range of contour flexibility, including tapping, countersinking, and weld positioning.

For this component, the following tools were used: embossing tool, countersink forming tool, tapping tool, center boss tool, special punching tool.

TruMatic 7000

Impressive possibilities

With the options of roller technology and tapping, you can also produce complex components.

For this component, the following tools were used amongst others: Extrusion tool from below, cluster tool, MultiBend, roller offset tool, roller beading tool.

TruMatic 7000

Small contours, delicate parts

The additional axes of the TruMatic 7000 ensure maximum productivity when processing sheet metal. As such, even small contours or delicate parts can be efficiently cut.

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