TruLaser Tube 7000

XXL laser tube cutting

With this flexible high-end machine, you can cover a broad range of parts and open up new areas of application for laser tube cutting. The machine cuts tubes and profiles with a diameter of up to 10 in. and wall thicknesses of up to 0.4 in. in mild steel.

Diameter of up to 10in.

Process parts with a diameter of up to 10in. and wall thicknesses of up to 0.4in. for mild steel.

Integration of subsequent processes

The TruLaser Tube 7000 can handle additional optional process steps, such as tapping threads.

Removal of sorted finished parts

The part-removal station sorts your finished parts onto movable conveyor tables, into wire mesh boxes, or into containers.

High-quality bevel cuts

The bevel cutting option enables high-quality bevel cuts of up to 45°.

Excellent process reliability

The state-of-the-art sensor systems ensure your entire machining process runs smoothly.

Reliably good cutting results

The TruFlow Series CO2 laser and high-quality cutting data produce the best possible results for every cut.

TruLaser Tube 7000

High-quality bevel cuts

TruLaser Tube 7000 with bevel cut

Automatic stepped rollers

The step rollers support the tubes while also moving them sideways, and adjust automatically to various diameters.

TruLaser Tube 7000
TruLaser Tube 7000

Swivel-mounted conveyor system

The swivel-mounted conveyor system can be used for small lot sizes and special profiles.

Spatter protection device

TruLaser Tube 7000 with spatter protection device which protects the inside of the tube from contamination.

TruLaser Tube 7000
TruLaser Tube 7000

Self-centering collet chuck

The collet chucks position and hold your tubes in place without damaging the materials. The self-centering clamping system with continuous sensor monitoring adapts to every tube geometry. This means you benefit from high part precision.

Technology package for tapping

With the new technology package for tapping, additional machining processes such as flow drilling, tapping, and twist drilling are integrated into the machine. Automation means you can benefit from reduced parts handling and a smaller chance of errors.

TruLaser Tube 7000
TruLaser Tube 7000

Special profiles

Productive and economical – that's how the Trulaser Tube 7000 cuts a wide range of special profiles.

TruLaser Tube 7000


More options for designers: the TruLaser Tube 7000 cuts tubes and profiles with great precision, making it possible to produce products of the highest quality and value.

TruLaser Tube 7000

Shop fitting

Regardless of whether for single-unit or series production, the laser tube cutting guarantees maximum flexibility for the design of shop furniture.

TruLaser Tube 7000

Agricultural machinery

The TruLaser Tube 7000 fiber can process tubes with very thick walls. This is a great advantage for manufacturers of components for agricultural machinery, for example.

TruLaser Tube 7000

Fitness equipment

The automation solutions of the TruLaser Tube 7000 enable efficient production of high-quality components such as fitness equipment in series production. The laser provides long-lasting precision for tube processing.

TruLaser Tube 7000

Mechanical and apparatus engineering

The possibilities offered by laser tube cutting technology mean that mechanical engineers can replace or optimize sheet metal designs. To do this, designers are finding intelligent ways to combine tube and sheet metal construction techniques.

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