TruLaser 8000

Discover new dimensions

The TruLaser Series 8000 laser machine provides the highest level of cost-effectiveness and excellent part quality when processing oversize formats. With the unique additional pallet concept, you can process sheets up to 52.5 ft. long. The sheet is cycled through the machine in several steps. Intelligent processes guarantee you maximum part quality – also in the repositioning areas. At the same time, you benefit from the flexibility and productivity of a machine for standard formats.

Twice the productivity with two cutting heads

Through the simultaneous cutting with two cutting heads, you can increase your productivity by up to 100%.

Minimal non-productive time

Loading and unloading parallel to production also saves time, like the fast pallet changer.

Fast loading

A stable backgauge ensures short loading times for large sheets.

Maximum precision

You can achieve the highest level of contour precision with the linear drives and the integrated measurement system.

Excellent part quality

You can achieve smooth edges and practically micro-burr-free processing with the CO2 laser and the BrightLine function.

Cut thick mild steel

With the CoolLine function, you can even create tight contours in thick mild steel.

The best in shift operation

With the multiple sheet layout option, you can process several sheets one after the other – completely automatically.

Variable pallet concept

Choose the pallet concept for your needs

TruLaser 8000

Extremely smooth cutting edges with BrightLine

The special BrightLine cutting procedure enables the highest quality cuts to be made in thick stainless steel and mild steel. Particularly in stainless steel, the BrightLine fusion cutting produces a cutting edge which is a clear-cut mark of quality. Rework is substantially reduced or not required at all. Thin sheets can be processed completely burr-free.

TruLaser 8000

Targeted cooling

CoolLine cools the workpiece during cutting, thus enabling new geometries in the cutting of thick mild steel. At the same time, you benefit from increased process reliability.

TruLaser 8000

Excels in thin sheet

You can achieve perfect quality in thin stainless steel, even in intricate contours: The edges are burr-free and rework is no longer required.

TruLaser 8000

Oversize format processing

The TruLaser Series 8000 enables you to laser cut sheet metal with a length of up to 16 meters. With the TruBend Series 8000 you can bend parts up to 8 meters, or even 16 meters in tandem operation.

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